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Cast Steel Grit

ZW Cast Steel Grit has angular edges , mainly used for sand blasting in stainless steel, carbon steel,steel structure, aluminum, bridge,shipbuilding,ship repair, etc.

Cast Steel Grit

Size: G10-G120
Diameter: 0.2mm-2.5mm
Hardness: GP GL GH
Appearance: angular
Density: ≥7.4g/cm3
Packing:25kg/small bag,40bags/1mt bag or pallet

More details

ZW Cast Steel Grit is an angular metallic abrasive produced by crushing specially heat treated steel shot. Our Steel Grit has

features of optimum mechanical characteristics, good tenacity,fatigue resistance,impact resistance,high wear resistance long

working-life,lowconsumption,etc; Mainly used for metal surface descaling, coating removing,surface pre-treatment before coating,etc.

 Cast Steel Grit Data Sheet

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