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Garnet 12/24,20/40,30/60

ZW Garnet was produced according to highest quality standard, uniform size,Less dust, soluble salt (chloride) content and electrical conductivity is extremely low.No free silicon, heavy metals and other harmful elements.

Garnet 12/24,20/40,30/60

Origin of Goods: China
Size: 12/24,20/40,30/60
Hardness: 7.5-8.0 Mohs
Free silica: None
Grain shape: Sharp angular
Color: Red
Packing:25kg/small bag,40bags/1mt bag

More details

ZW Garnet is almandine garnet,high hardness,high density,good toughness,and have sharp edges, is a kind of high-grade, pure natural nonmetallic sandblasting abrasive.

12-24 Mesh:

The larger / coarser garnet sand abrasive grains are mainly used for sand blasting , remove the thickest coatings and surface treatment before coating in

 ship repair,shipbuilding ,industrial painting ,steel structure,aluminum,rubber,and bridge ,etc.

20-40 Mesh:

The medium / intermediate garnet sand abrasive grain used for faster removal of harder surfaces where speed is important or there are thicker layers of

paint or rust,etc

30-60 Mesh:

The finer / smaller garnet sand 30/60 mesh is most popular and widely used grade(size),the fast speed blast efficiency on thickest coating removal, ship

cleaning,machinery maintenance , heavy equipment repair, paint & rust removal prior to painting and surface preparation in painting industries, tarnish

cleaning ,etc.

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