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Blasting Garnet Sand

ZW Garnet is almandine garnet,high hardness,high density,good toughness,and have sharp edges, is a kind of high-grade, pure natural nonmetallic sandblasting abrasive.

Blasting Garnet Sand

Origin of Goods: China
Size: 12/24,20/40,30/60
Hardness: 6-7 Mohs
Free Silica: None
Packing:25kg/small bag,40bags/ton bag or 1 ton loose bag

More details

ZW Blasting Garnet can reach to a excellent surface after blasting,it can into the holes and uneven skin clean, thoroughly remove scale, rust, soluble salt and other contaminants.There no any impurities insert after sandblasting the surface treated, no unfavorable convex pointed and potholes, the blasting surface roughness can reach 30-80 microns and achieve better coating adhesion and longer working life.

ZW Blasting Garnet have lower cost of use,blasting area is large and less consumption in same time.It can recycled,further reduce the cost of the customer.

ZW Blasting Garnet no special requirements for sandblasting equipment (sandblasting machine)

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