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Steel Shot S330 S390

High wear resistance,high impact resistance,good toughness,good hardness,low consumption,can recycle use 2800-3200 times,etc

Steel Shot S330 S390

Size: S110-S780
Diameter: 0.3mm-2.5mm
Hardness: GP GL GH
Appearance: Spherical
Density: ≥7.4 g/cm3
Packing: 25kg/small bag,40bags/ 1mt bag or pallet

More details

ZW Steel Shot has highly praised and well appreciated by domestic end-user and distributor customers for good quality,

competitive prices and good after-sale services.our steel shot production process with advanced technical equipment,perfectly

controlled heat treatments provide it with optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue.

Steel shots are widely used for descaling and descaling of steel workpieces before they are applied. In this case, centrifugal shot

blasting equipment is often used. The shape of the ball and the low hardness make the steel shots do not cause excessive wear

on the equipment. Steel shots are also widely used in the foundry industry. When the workpiece is removed from the mold, the

steel is used to remove the sand from the surface of the workpiece.

The molten steel is melted and then sprayed with a high-pressure water spray gun to form molten steel into steel pellets, and the

formed steel pellets are reheated to be homogenized and then quenched. The quenched steel pellets are dried and reheated and

tempered in the furnace to achieve appropriate hardness, and the tempered steel pellets are sieved through a mechanical screen

to a level conforming to the SEA standard for use in shot blasting equipment. Products of different particle sizes and hardness are

used in different processes such as steel rust removal, surface strengthening and the like. When adding new steel shots, please

observe the principle of a small amount of hard work.

The steel shots are made of selected raw material scrap steel, adding rare metals and best proportioning alloys, and are transformed

into steel pellets by electric furnace smelting, modern equipment production, and after multiple electric heat treatment and automatic

screening, in the process of forming steel grains from liquid metal. Its chemical composition and particle size are strictly controlled to

ensure its mechanical properties meet various uses. Each production process has the strictest quality management. The steel balls

produced are tightly organized, not easy to be broken, uniform in particle size distribution, have appropriate hardness, strong impact

resistance and long service life.

Applications for different size:

S-110 ,S-170 ,S-230

Shot peening,blast cleaning and polishing stainless steel plate, thin steel plate and non-ferrous metals before painting process

to increase elasticity and toughness.


Blasting,descaling,polishing small cast iron, cast part, heat treatment piece, aluminum, steel plate and cast copper alloy before

gold-plating process to increase elasticity and toughness.


Blasting, descaling, shot peening and shaping of small-to-medium cast iron, ductile iron, cast parts, heat treatment piece, steel

plate, steel sections, steel pipe,structural parts, chain and non-ferrous metals,etc.


Shot blasting, descaling, shot peening and shaping of medium-to-large cast iron, steel structure, forged piece, heat treatment

piece, steel plate and steel pipe,etc.

S-660 ,S-780

Blasting,cleaning or descaling middle, heavy and super-heavy cast iron, cast steel, steel   plates,iron pipe, forged piece and heat

treatment piece.etc.



Steel Shot

Chemical Composition

Carbon (C)


Manganese (Mn)


Silicon (Si)


Sulfur (S)


Phosphorus (P)










   Homogeneous Tempered Martensite


Tempered Martensite


Tempered Martensite


S780(2.5mm),  S660(2.0mm),  S550(1.7mm),  S460(1.4mm),  S390(1.2mm)

S330(1.0mm),  S280(0.8mm),  S230(0.6mm),  S170(0.5mm),  S110(0.3mm)

Quality Standard

 SAE Standard






Sand blasting;Rust removal;Surface pre-treatment;Shot blasting;polishing,etc;


1. 25kg/small bag,40bags/1 ton big bag

2. 25kg/bag,40bags/pallet+ carton box

3. 1 ton loose bags

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