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Garnet 80 Mesh

ZW Water Jet Cutting Garnet has more sharp angle, higher hardness,uniform particles,can cutting faster and will not blocking jet nozzle,reach a more smooth cutting surface.

Garnet 80 Mesh

Size: 12/24,20/40,30/60,50#, 60#,80#,100#,120#
Hardness: 7.5-8.0 Mohs
Free silica: None
Grain shape: Sharp angular
Color: Red
Packing:25kg/small bag,40bags/1mt bag or 1 ton loose bag

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ZW Garnet is natural almandite garnet,it was mind from hard rock garnet.ZW garnet have 6 times of washing, 3 times magnetic seperation,

ensuring highest quality standard and meeting most stringent industrial requirements.  


ZW Garnet Fe2O3 and Al2O3 content is higher than general garnet, more hardness and better toughness, cutting speed faster, the cutting

 surface more smooth and vertical.


ZW Garnet have high purity, reasonable particle size distribution, no dust and invalid fine particle impact cutting efficiency.  


ZW Garnet was produced according to highest quality standard, uniform size,Less dust, soluble salt (chloride) content and electrical conductivity

is extremely low.No free silicon, heavy metals and other harmful elements.


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